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The links below will take you to some of our favorite web sites. 


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The new web site from the creators of AmericasWonderlands.com...




Digital Photo Enlargements of your photos up to 30x40.

  digital photo enlargements


children's story

www.dpreview.com Good site for camera reviews and the latest manufacturer releases.
www.luminous-landscape.com Michael Reichmann's opinions on just about everything photography related and he's usually right.
www.cerious.com ThumbsPlus is a great tool for organizing your photos
www.imaging-resource.com Digital camera review and info plus a good article comparing rechargeable batteries here
Amazon Affiliate link:  Default web shopping site for everything.

www.neatimage.com Noise reduction software used by us
www.valueforum.com good investment discussion forum
www.ptgui.com Photo merging software - used to stitch photos into panoramic shots


computer geeks shop here


alternate to adorama for camera gear
www.mrboxonline.com bought some shipping boxes from here
www.clearbags.com buy clear bags and boxes from here
www.matshop.com buy mats and metal frames from here
www.inkjetart.com good source for ink, paper, etc.


Google personalized home page
www.winamp.com cool media player.  Use this after using freerip to play all those mp3s.


good discussion group
www.mediacases.com get dvd cases here


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